Terms and conditions - Artists

The Agency acts as an Employment Agency providing a work-seeking service under the following Terms and Conditions

  • When you complete this process - you are only registered with us once you have been sent an approval email, usually within 72 hours of submission. If accepted you will be registered with Real People from approval date. We reserve the right to refuse your entry onto our website.
  • By accepting this agreement Real People Victoria agrees to promote the talent through advertising agencies (including Casting Networks), film studios, production houses, print media, fashion houses, photographic studios etc.
  • Real People Victoria requires all of the talent to possess professional photographs. These will be made available to the advertising industry, appear on our database and website. This gives talent the opportunity to be selected to attend castings, modelling, film and television work.
  • This is a 12 month agreement. For the Next 12 months there is no cost but after 12 months in order to continue working with the Agency a cost of $99 per annum would apply to stay on the books.
  • It is the responsibility of the talent to maintain his/her appearance at all times. It is also the responsibility of the talent to inform this agency if his/her measurements change by more than 3cm. It is recommended that the agency be informed before the talent makes any changes to his/her appearance (for example: haircut or colour) to prevent misrepresentation by the agency.
    • A fee of 15% will be deducted from the talent's fee as an agency fee (Acting work-Film and Television) OR a fee of 20% will be deducted from the talent's fee as an agency fee (Modelling work- Photography, Commercials, Promotions etc.)
    • Failure by the talent to not turn up to any booked jobs will result in the termination of agreement with booking fee being forfeited unless with a genuine medical certificate. It is the talent's sole choice to accept any given job they are put forward for.
    • Whilst every effort is made to secure work for the talent, there is no guarantee that every talent will get work as ultimately, the final decision is made by the Client's casting director. Real People do not guarantee work as the client makes the final decision for all casting and modelling jobs. Real People use its best endeavours to promote and secure work for talent, however, no promises are made that Real People will provide the talent with work.
  • You agree all cameras including cameras on mobiles are strictly prohibited from any sets. If you are caught using a camera the production has the right to confiscate it and may send you home unpaid. You are not permitted to discuss any aspect of your booking on any social media and/or internet site, or speak to any journalist or publication.
  • You are flexible. You will need to have a flexible work schedule and be free at often short notice.
  • You have a 'can do' attitude. You'll need to be good at early mornings and not mind long filming days.
  • You are interested in doing all kinds of filming work. You're not just limiting yourself to featured work.
  • No joining fee is payable upfront. There is no charge for joining, registration or appearance on the website.
  • You authorise Real People Ltd to receive payment from the production company on your behalf and deposited into our trust account. Once payment has been received by us we will after making a deduction of 15% or 20% commission, pay the balance of the payment directly to you via EFT once we have received payment from the client
  • You give Real People consent to keep your personal details on file and to forward any relevant details onto any production that requests them.
  • You give us consent to publish your photograph and vital statistics on our website and any other Real People material.
  • This agency agreement can be terminated at any time upon notice in writing by either party.